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So what’s the buzz all about? Well, for one, let’s cover why you should be Network+ certified
and what the benefits are. To be Network+ certified means that you are “competent” in the information studied to pass the written exam based on the official objectives. (I cover the official objectives later in this article). Per CompTIA, network administrators should have nine to 18 months of experience to take the Network+ exam. However, this is not something you must adhere to, but rather a recommendation. Obtaining the certification proves that you know how to perform each task and objective from the study materials, and simply studying for the exam is a great way to help round out your knowledge and test your skills as well.

Another great reason to become Network+ certified is because of its longevity in the marketplace. Networking will continue to be important as the world (and its global marketplace presence) becomes increasingly interconnected. The basics of networking must be well understood to simply grasp how its all tied together. Because networking is a foundational element of most IT computer and system specialist jobs, as the industry grows and changes, the need for this exam will serve you and your employer well. Network+ is also an exam that never expires. The CompTIA Network+ exam, once passed, is valid forever. The exam costs $155 for CompTIA members. (CompTIA exams have multiple cost levels, depending on member versus non-member status, country, etc.) The cost is a little more than other exams from Cisco, Microsoft and Novell, but once again, passing the exam once is all you need to do to obtain and keep this credential.



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