• It is used to write Program's that are executed by a web-browser within the context of web page on server side.
  • It can be used to write web server Program to process the data.
  • Introduction on Navigator Scripting and Navigator Objects.
  • JavaScript values, names & literals.
  • JavaScript expressions and operators.
  • Creating JavaScript object model, built-in objects and functions.
  • Tracking mouse events and window events.
  • Working with status bar, date objects, random numbers, Windows using function of JavaScript.
  • Creating arrays, documents, back and forward buttons.
  • Validating forms and Submitting form input.
  • JavaScript objects like links, anchor, button, checkbox, date, document, elements array, form, frame, hidden, history, location, math, navigator, password, radio, reset, select, string, submit, text, text area and window.
  • Introduction to CGI.