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Microsoft Excel Level - I

    Course Title: Microsoft Excel, Level 1 (2003, XP, 2000, 97) Duration : 1 day

    This program introduces participants to working with Microsoft Excel, covering the basics such as creating and editing worksheets, formatting them for a professional look, working with formulas to manage routine tasks, etc.


    Program Objectives

    This introductory Excel training course will provide you with a working understanding of the basic features of MS Excel as follows:

    Creating and editing worksheets
    Formatting and printing of worksheets
    Commands for managing data such as sorting, filters, subtotals, pivot tables
    Working with charts
    Working with in-built functions of Excel



    Executives and managers from various functions (such as Finance, Sales, HR, etc.) who need to work with lots of calculations and analyze data for their day-to-day operations.


    Course Summary


    Module Topic
    Day 1 Module 1 Getting Started
      Module 2 Formatting a Spreadsheet
      Module 3 Formulas and Functions
      Module 4 Editing Features
      Module 5 Working with Large Worksheets
      Module 6 Working with Charts
      Module 7 Previewing and Printing
      Module 8 Simple Database Operations


    Courses Details

    Module 1: Getting Started

    Understanding the Excel screen
    Navigating in a spreadsheet
    Understanding worksheets, columns, rows and cells
    Saving, opening, and closing workbooks


    Module 2: Formatting a Spreadsheet

    Changing column widths and row heights
    Changing alignment of cells
    Undoing and redoing actions
    Formatting numbers
    Clearing formats
    Applying borders to cells
    Merging cells


    Module 3: Formulas and Functions

    Entering formulas
    Copying data and formulas
    Using AutoSum
    Understanding functions
    Using simple aggregate functions (Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max)
    Copying formulas
    Types of cell referencing: relative and absolute
    Applying conditions in a formula (The IF function)
    Working with ranges


    Module 4: Editing Features

    Using cut , copy, and paste operations
    Using paste special with values
    Selection techniques
    Navigation techniques


    Module 5: Working with Large Worksheets

    Freezing and unfreezing panes
    Splitting windows
    Inserting page breaks for printing


    Module 6: Working with Charts

    Creating charts using Chart Wizard
    Creating different types of charts
    Including titles and values in charts
    Formatting of charts


    Module 7: Previewing and Printing

    Previewing worksheets
    Page setup
    Printing of worksheets in multiple pages
    Repeating rows and columns for multiple pages
    Printing multiple worksheets


    Module 8: Simple Database Operations

    Sorting tables
    Filtering data with auto filter
    Generating subtotal reports
    Creating pivot tables
    Referring data from other worksheets

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