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Microsoft Word Level - II

Course Title: Microsoft Word, Level 2 (2003, XP, 2000, 97) Duration : 1 day

Microsoft Word is a simple yet powerful word-processing application, allowing you to create documents and format them as per your requirements. This one-day program exposes the participants to many of the important and powerful features of Microsoft Word that are useful for their day-to-day work, as well as some advanced aspects that can help them in saving their time.


Program Objectives

Upon completion of this one-day program, the participants will be able to:

Apply formatting to their documents
Work with columns and tables
Effectively use language features, such as spell check, thesaurus
Use mail merge for customizing standard letters
Create and use templates



Almost every working person needs to work with letters or documents. A vast majority of people working with computers use Microsoft Word for managing their word-processing tasks. Therefore, people across functions and across organizational hierarchies will benefit from this program.



Participants should have basic familiarity with Microsoft Word. More specifically, they should know how to create, edit, format, print, and save documents.


Day-wise Break-up


Module Topic
Day 1 Module 1 Overview of Basic Word
  Module 2 Editing Tools
  Module 3 Formatting Documents
  Module 4 Tables
  Module 5 Advance Formatting Features
  Module 6 Working with Large Documents
  Module 7 Templates
  Module 8 Mail Merge
  Module 9 Protecting Document
  Module 10 Using Microsoft Word with other Programs


Courses Outline

Module 1: Overview of Basic Word

Selection techniques
Using cut, copy, and paste operations
Saving, opening, and closing documents
Creating documents using existing template


Module 2: Editing Tools

Using spell-check and grammar
Using thesaurus
Auto correct options
Auto text options for automating typing


Module 3: Formatting Documents

Paragraph alignment
Setting indents
Paragraph and line spacing
Bullets and numbering
Multilevel bullets
Borders and shading
Format painter
Tab setting
Adding drop cap


Module 4: Tables

Creating tables
Deleting and inserting rows and columns
Resizing tables
Sorting tables
Formulas in tables
Updating formulas


Module 5: Advance Formatting Features

Modify existing styles
Creating own styles
Copying styles
Working with multiple columns
Using Textbox in documents


Module 6: Working with Large Documents

Inserting Headers and Footers
Inserting Page numbers
Creating and modifying table of contents
Inserting section breaks
Adding bookmarks to existing document
Adding footnotes and endnotes
Inserting Columns
Adding Hyperlinks


Module 7: Templates

Creating documents using templates
Creating documents using Wizard
Creating or modifying existing templates


Module 8: Mail Merge

Performing mail merge on existing documents
Using Word documents to create data sources
Using query option with mail merge
Using envelopes and labels options


Module 9: Protecting Documents

Protecting documents with passwords
Changing or deleting passwords


Module 10: Using Microsoft Word with other Programs

Saving Word documents in a different formats
Linking Word documents to Excel worksheets


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