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Computer Institute/Academy/Training center for Multimedia, Digital Art, Animation, Desk Top Publishing, Jewellery, Jewelry, Jewellry, Fashion, Textile, Interior, Mechanical, designing courses
Increase traffic to your website,get listed in first 20 major search engines.
Increase traffic to your website,get listed in first 20 major search engines.
Computer Institute/Academy/Training center for Multimedia, Digital Art, Animation, Desk Top Publishing, Jewellery, Jewelry, Jewellry, Fashion, Textile, Interior, Mechanical, designing courses
| Internet Technology | Web Publishing | Web Publishing & Designing | Web Publishing (Adobe Softwares) |
|Web Publishing, Designing & Global Marketing |Dual Diploma in Multimedia & Web Techonology|
|Web Publishing, Designing, Engineering, Global Marketing & E-commerce|
| Web Publishing, Designing, Engineering, E-commerce, Multimedia & Global Marketing |

Why do
Foreign/Indian Students prefer studying at COMPUFIELD?

Certificate Course In Web Publishing & Designing


    Internet is a worldwide network of networks with 50 million worldwide users estimated to grow to 200 million by 2000. Internet gives you absolute access to information on any subject under the sky.

    Why Use The Internet ?

    Business :

    Marketing, selling and publishing product literature world wide.

    Professionals   :

    Provide and get technical support, bug fixes and product information, communicate or collaborate on projects in almost zero time.



    Information regarding Universities, their ratings & procedures for admission all over the world, access to over 40 million library files from your own computer.

    Communication Power Of The Internet

    WWW :

    Makes it possible for you to go roaming (surfing) around the web, from document to document using nothing but their links. All technical features of  Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer.



    You type a message into your computer, and it travels instantly over the network to your specified destination; one or millions.



    While E-Mail lets you send a message to a specific person or group, USENET lets you send a message as on electronic bulletin for any one to freely access and share the information.


    : Lets you log-on another system and use various services available on the host.



    Lets you copy informational files in the form of text or graphics and also Multimedia presentations, to and from a remote host.



    The INTERNET RELAY CHAT allows the user to have a on line real time conversation with anybody in any part of the world.



    Internet feature to cut down communication cost by 75%.


    The  technology  which  makes  possible  to   place international calls from a personal computer to any telephone in the world e.g. Europe, USA, Canada and Caribbean countries at Rs.6 (  US $0.5) per minute.



    ICQ is a revolutionary, user-friendly Internet program that enables you to initiate contact with those people who are online at that time.


    Microsoft FrontPage is a web creation and management tool that you can use to design and build a great-looking, easy to navigate web site.


    • FrontPage consists of FrontPage Explorer and FrontPage Editor, which you can use to create, edit and manage your website.
    • FrontPage includes many features that make Website creation easy for any user, including a gallery of professionally designed graphical themes, wizards, templates and active page elements for creating pages and web sites without Programming.
    • You use the FrontPage Explorer to publish your web site on your computer, your organizationís intranet, or the World Wide Web.
    • FrontPage Editor displays all the matter you add as they would appear in a Web browser.


    • Designing, Implementing, Developing, Administrating, and Updating World Wide Web and Intranet sites.


    The Microsoft Frontpage Explorer is a tool for creating, organizing, administering and publishing Frontpage webs. Using the Frontpage search engine discussion groups and custom form submissions. Import and Export pages and files, test and repair hyperlinks, and launch the frontpage editor to design and edit the contents of your Web Pages.


    Dreamweaver is a professional authoring tool for creating and maintaining web-pages. It introduces Adobe's Round-trip HTML technology, that imports HTML documents without reformatting the code and also makes it possible to use the latest Dynamic HTML features. All the code generated by it, works on as many platforms and browsers as possible.


    • Powerful media for creating web-pages, without having the knowledge of HTML or JavaScript.
    • Dreamweaver's timeline feature saves trouble of writing JavaScript code to create DHTML Animations.
    • Behaviors in Dreamweaver make special impact on appearance of the web-page.
    • Timelines in Dreamweaver create Animations by changing position, size, visibility and stacking order of layers.
    • Dreamweaver   supports   shockwave   movies,   which   are  Adobe standard for interactive multimedia on the web.
    • World Class Html Editing Tool for Designing and Developing Web-pages.
    • Adding Shockwave Streaming Movies and DHTML Animations to make your Website look more attractive.
    • Usage of Behaviors and Layers makes your Web-page editing faster and more interactive.


    HTML (the hypertext markup language) to describe the layout of a web page. HTML is simply a vehicle to indicate elements of a hypertext page. The HTML page must tell the browser which applets to load and then where to put each applet on the web page.

    ADOBE PHOTOSHOP (Image Processing /Digital Graphics
    Electronic Art)

    Adobe Photoshop is an Image Processing software package that enables you to create & edit images on IBM personal Computers. Adobe Photoshop is acknowledged in professional fields as the cutting-edge program, the final word in image editing.

    • With Photoshop's tools you can paint a likeness of a physical object.
    • Mixing and Manipulating of colours at a click of a button.
    • You can Blend 2 Images.
    • You can create Patterns and Designs using Fills and Colours.
    • You can manipulate your images with Special Effects and Techniques.
    • You can Import and Export your Images.
    • Retouch, Manipulate and Enhance designs & patterns.
    • It has been used to edit and create images as diverse as Cosmetic ads, New Photos, Motion picture footage, Animation cells & Fine Art work.
    • Creates original Art & converts it to desired Platforms.
    • Retouch, manipulate & enhance photographs.
    • Master the special effects you've always wanted.
    • Learn the secrets of Output & Storage of your Images.
    • Web page designing.
    Course Duration Fees (Indian RS.) Fees (US $)

    100 sessions of 1 hr. each

    14,500 315

    ** Lodging, boarding & travelling not included in the fees.
    **The above mentioned fees is for one course.               

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