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  Web Designing Courses :
  Cert in Web Designing I Dip in Web Designing I Dip in Web Designing I Cert in Web Designing (Adobe Softwares) I Dip in Adobe Flash I
  Dip in Web Designing(Adobe Softwares) I Dip in web Designing E-Commerce & Global Marketing I Dual Dip in Web Technology & Multimedia I
  Dual Dip Pro In Web Technology & Multimedia I Dip in Web Designing, Software Engineering, E-Commerce & Global Marketing I
  Dip in Web Designing, Multimedia, E-Commerce & Global Mktg Dip in Web Designing, Multimedia Pro, Software Engineering, E-Commerce & Global Marketing I

   Web Developement:
  Diploma in Web 2.0 Technology (Rich Internet Application) I Certificate in Web 2.0 Technology (Client Side) I Certificate in Web Development (Server Side)I

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  Flash Actionscript (Level I + II) I Diploma in Flash Action Script (Level I + II) I Search Engine Optimization ( Intrenet Global Marketing)
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Flash with PHP

This course is designed from Internet "user" point of view. All features of TCP/IP Account are handled in complete detail like WWW, E-mail, Usenet, Telnet, FTP, IRC, ICQ, E-mail To Fax and Net2Phone.
Internet gives you absolute access to information on any subject under the sky.

Course Content

Chapter 1: Getting Ready to work with PHP

  • Accessing External data with Flash
    • Choosing the Right Technology
    • What PHP, Apache, and My SQL have to offer
    • How Everything Fits Together
  • PHP and Action Script : Distant Cousins
  • Installing the Necessary Software
    • Setting up on Windows
    • Setting up on Mac OS X
  • Setting up your work environment
  • Getting a First taste of the power of PHP

Chapter 2: Flash Breaks Free

  • Communicating with External sources
  • Taking first Steps in PHP
    • How PHP fits into web Design
    • The Basic grammar of PHP
  • Sending Feedback From Flash By Email
  • Progress So Far

Chapter 3: Calculations and Decisions

  • Performing Calculations with PHP
    • Working with Arithmetic Operators
    • Useful math Functions
    • Performing Calculations in the right order
    • Combining Calculations and assignment
  • Making decisions with PHP
  • Using If … else conditional statements
  • Using comparison operators
  • Testing more than one condition
  • Using switch for long decision chains
  • Using the conditional operator
  • Flash application :A multiconverter
  • Planning the conversion script
  • Building the Flash interface
  • Summing up

Chapter 4: Of Strings and Things

1) Manipulating Strings with PHP

  • How PHP outputs strings
  • Changing Case
  • Working with substrings

2) Modularizing code with Functions

  • Understanding where PHP functions run
  • Why roll your own?
  • Understanding how PHP and Action Script functions handle Variables
  • Returning value from a function
  • Deciding where to put Functions

3) Completing the multiconverter script

  • formatting the main measurement units
  • handling gallons, pints, and liters
  • dealing with kilograms, pounds , and stones
  • handling meters to feet and yards
  • reviewing the multiconverter project
  • taking the project further

4) dealing with user input

  • trimming leading and trailing whitespace
  • stripping HTML tags
  • removing backslashes
  • using regular expressions to identify patterns

5) fine-turning the feedback application

  • a pause for breath

Chapter 5: Working smarter with arrays and loops

1) Understanding the basic of arrays loops.

  • Organizing items in arrays
  • Grouping items in arrays
  • Using loops for repetitive tasks

2) Creating arrays in PHP

  • Indexed arrays: organizing by number
  • Associative array: Organizing by name.
  • Array Length; Key to understand the difference between.
  • PHP and Action Script arrays.
  • Multidimensional arrays: Nesting arrays.

3) Zipping through repetitive tasks with loops.

  • Looping through arrays with foreach.
  • Using the Versatile for Loop.
  • Simple Loops with while and do.
  • Breaking out of loops.
  • Nesting Loops.

4) Passing information securely with $_POST

  • Why register globals is so important.

5) Manipulating arrays

  • Slicing and splicing arrays.
  • Sorting arrays.

6) Building an RSS feed with aggregator.

  • What an RSS feed does.
  • Taking a look inside an RSS feed
  • Passing an RSS feed with MagpieRSS.
  • Displaying the merged RSS feed in Flash.
  • Eliminating HTML entities that Flash cannot Handle.
  • Deploying the feed aggregator on the internet.

7) Progress report

Chapter 6: PHP and Databases: Packing Real Power

Behind your Applications

1) Why MySQL?

  • MySQL is shortcomings
  • MySQL is strengths
  • Choosing the right version of MySQL
  • Choosing the right license and cost.

2) Considering SQLite is an alternative.

  • SQLite’s strengths
  • SQLite’s shortcoming
  • Choosing the right Database System.

3) Installing MySQL on Windows

  • Changing the default table type on Windows Essentials
  • Starting and stopping MySQL manually on windows
  • Launching MySQL Monitor on Windows

4) Configuring MySQL on Mac OS X

5) Working with MySQL Monitor on (Windows and Mac)

6) Creating your first database in MySQL

  • Loading data from an external file

7) Using MySQL with a graphical interface

  • phpMyAdmin : A golden oldie
  • MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser : Smart new kids
  • On the block

8) Looking ahead

Chapter 7 : Playing with Words

1) Building the game’s graphical element

2) Using PHP to communicate with the database

  • A touch of class to emulate mysqli on all setups
  • Using the mysqli object-oriented interface

3) Building and using PHP 5 classes

  • Naming and declaring classes
  • Creating class properties
  • Using the constructor function
  • Setting class methods
  • Accessing public methods

4) Refining the word selection with SQL and PHP

5) Building a scoring mechanism that remembers

  • Introducing the Flash SharedObject

6) Other ways to enhance the game

  • Handling database failures
  • Setting different skill levels

7) SQLite : An alternative database system

  • SQLite basics
  • Making sure SQLite has the right permissions
  • Rewriting the Hangman PHP script for SQLite
  • Comparing MySQL and SQLite

8) Ever onward and upward

Chapter 8 : Creating a User Registration Database

1) Understanding database types

  • Keeping things simple with flat-file database
  • Gaining greater flexibility with relational database

2) Understanding MySQL storage formats

3) Choosing the right column type

  • Column types in MySQL
  • Default values and NULL
  • Choosing the right language settings

4) Building a user registration system

  • Registering users with MySQL
  • What if it doesn’t work?

Chapter 9 : Protecting Your Data with Sessions

1) Keeping track with PHP sessions

  • The Web is a stateless environment
  • How sessions work
  • PHP session basics
  • Using sessions to restrict access
  • Other uses for sessions

2) Summery

Chapter 10 : Keeping Control with a Content Management System

1) The four essential SQL commands


2) Building a simple content management system

  • Building the content management interface
  • Scripting the application
  • Securing the content management system
  • Adding an extra column to a table

3) A solid foundation has been laid

Chapter 11 : Working with Dates

1) How ActionScript ,PHP ,and MySQL handle dates

  • Navigating the minefield of incompatible timestamps
  • Creating a timestamp

2) Formatting dates in PHP

3) Working with dates in MySQL

  • Using dates in calculations
  • Finding and creating records based on temporal criteria

4) Handing dates in user input

  • Formatting dates from text input
  • Checking a dates validity with PHP
  • Building a flash date selector for MySQL

5) Nearly there

Chapter 12 : Working with multiple tables and XML

1) Designing the table structure

  • Deciding the basic requirements
  • Normalizing the tables
  • Preparing to build the bookstore database
  • Getting an overview of the structure
  • Completing the database structure

2) Creating the content management system

  • Deciding the basic structure
  • Activating the forms with PHP

3) Retrieving data from more than one table

  • Avoiding ambiguous column references
  • Using a full join
  • Using a left join to find an incomplete match

4) Completing the content management system

  • Managing existing book records
  • Deleting records from more than one table
  • Maintaining referential integrity on deletion
  • Updating multiple records
  • Using SimpleXML to parse an XML feed
  • Securing your CMS

5) Displaying the database contents in flash

  • Getting the database contents in flash
  • Communicating with the database through PHP
  • Building the flash interface
  • Creating the ActionScript to load results from the database

6) A long road traveled

Course Duration Fees (Indian Rs.) Fees (US $)

50 sessions of 1 hr. each

7,500 188

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Lodging, boarding and travelling not included in the fees.
The above mentioned fees is for one course.
COMPUFIELD offers a unique style of learning -

One computer : One student : One Instructor
Maximum Instructor to Student Ratio 1:4
Sessions : Each session will be of 1 hour.
The timing can be fixed based on our mutual convenience,between 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Overseas Students take 5 to 10 hours per day to complete their courses.
Course duration in days = total sessions divide by number of sessions per day.
The Above Mentioned Tuition Fees Includes Service Tax
No extra charges/refund for more/less time taken to complete the course.


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