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  Web Designing Courses :
  Cert in Web Designing I Dip in Web Designing I Dip in Web Designing I Cert in Web Designing (Adobe Softwares) I Dip in Adobe Flash I
  Dip in Web Designing(Adobe Softwares) I Dip in web Designing E-Commerce & Global Marketing I Dual Dip in Web Technology & Multimedia I
  Dual Dip Pro In Web Technology & Multimedia I Dip in Web Designing, Software Engineering, E-Commerce & Global Marketing I
  Dip in Web Designing, Multimedia, E-Commerce & Global Mktg Dip in Web Designing, Multimedia Pro, Software Engineering, E-Commerce & Global Marketing I

   Web Developement:
  Diploma in Web 2.0 Technology (Rich Internet Application) I Certificate in Web 2.0 Technology (Client Side) I Certificate in Web Development (Server Side)I

   Individual Courses :
  Flash Actionscript (Level I + II) I Diploma in Flash Action Script (Level I + II) I Search Engine Optimization ( Intrenet Global Marketing)

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flash actionscript

Level 1
Adobe FLASH      

Flash is a vector graphics editor and an animation and authoring tool ideal for creating Animations and interactivity for web pages.


  • Movie created in Flash has a very less file size.
  • Multiple actions can be attached, such as can create a new HTML file or add a Shockwave Flash movie to an existing HTML file.
  • Aftershock will also create a script to detect START or STOP the movie, GO TO A URL, LOAD a new movie or perform any number of other functions.
  • Another unique feature of Flash 4 is Bandwidth Profiler. This feature takes care of the usual drawback of multimedia file size, and brings the user to reality.
  • Flash is Primarily an animation tool for the Web.
  • You can also create Corporate presentations and 2D Animations.


Level 2
Adobe flash actionscript   

Starting Out
Events and How to Handle Them
Events in Flash
Real-time Events

Comments Commands, Arguments and Properties Instructions Syntax

Making Plans
Making Plans
A library of Ideas
    * Storyboarding
Building your ActionScript
    * Thinking from the Top Down
    * Thinking from the Bottom Up
    * Flowcharting

Timeline Actions

Timeline Paths
Adding Basic Timeline Actions
Adding labels to the Timeline

Basic Interactivity
Interactivity and MovieClips

Using Button Events to Build Interactivity
Using Button Events for Navigation

Navigation Tricks
Invisible Buttons

Site Structure
linking Scenes
linking labels
linking Movieclips
linking SWFs and levels
Draggable Windows

    * Values and Types
    * Literals and Expressions
Literal Values
Input and Output
    * Using String Expressions
Naming Variables
Storing Numbers
    *More Uses for Numeric Expressions
Boolean Values
ActionScript Objects, Properties, and Methods Objects
The Math Object
The String Object

Looping and Decision Making
Decision Making
    * Real life Decisions
    * Flash Decisions
The if Action
The elseif Action
The else Action
    * ActionScript loops
    * For loops
The Hangman Game
    * Graphics
    * Code

The Sound Object
    * The setPan(); Method
    * The setVolume(); Method
Starting and Stopping Sounds
ActionScript and Streaming

Advanced Interactivity
Instances Re-visited
    * How Flash Thinks
    * Methods
    * Properties
    * Behaviors
Defining Objects
    * Movieclips
    * Non-graphic Objects
Advanced Interactivity and Object Properties
    * Planning our Preloader and Cache Detector
    * ActionScripting our Preloader and Cache Detector
    * The Preloader
    * The Intro
Creating Structure
    * Navigation Overview
    * The Menubar
          •The Main Timeline

Modular Actionscript
    * Black Box Programming
Behavior Movieclips
    * Creating Real Movement
Inertia Behavior
Swarm Behavior
Smart Clips
Hiding Pages

What is a Sprite?
    * Global and Localized Data
Planning stun:zapper
The Game World (the global level)
    * ScreenTop, Bottom, Right, Left
    * Score
    * Level, skill, accel
    * speed
    * shipDead. fired. shipHeight
The Player (the ship object and its interfaces)
    * The SwarmAlien (the alien1 object and its interfaces)
    * The Bullet (the bullet object and its interfaces)
    * The Debris of War


Level 1 (Adobe FLASH)
Duration Fees (Indian RS.) Fees (US $) 
30 sessions of 1 hr each 6,200 155

Level 2
(Adobe flash actionscript)
Duration Fees (Indian RS.) Fees (US $) 
40 sessions of 1 hr each 7,500 188

Duration Fees (Indian RS.) Fees (US $) 
70 sessions of 1 hr each 13,500 338

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Lodging, boarding and travelling not included in the fees.
The above mentioned fees is for one course.
COMPUFIELD offers a unique style of learning -

One computer : One student : One Instructor
Maximum Instructor to Student Ratio 1:4
Sessions : Each session will be of 1 hour.
The timing can be fixed based on our mutual convenience,between 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Overseas Students take 5 to 10 hours per day to complete their courses.
Course duration in days = total sessions divide by number of sessions per day.
The Above Mentioned Tuition Fees Includes Service Tax
No extra charges/refund for more/less time taken to complete the course.

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