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  Web Designing Courses :
  Cert in Web Designing I Dip in Web Designing I Dip in Web Designing I Cert in Web Designing (Adobe Softwares) I Dip in Adobe Flash I
  Dip in Web Designing(Adobe Softwares) I Dip in web Designing E-Commerce & Global Marketing I Dual Dip in Web Technology & Multimedia I
  Dual Dip Pro In Web Technology & Multimedia I Dip in Web Designing, Software Engineering, E-Commerce & Global Marketing I
  Dip in Web Designing, Multimedia, E-Commerce & Global Mktg Dip in Web Designing, Multimedia Pro, Software Engineering, E-Commerce & Global Marketing I

   Web Developement:
  Diploma in Web 2.0 Technology (Rich Internet Application) I Certificate in Web 2.0 Technology (Client Side) I Certificate in Web Development (Server Side)I

   Individual Courses :
  Flash Actionscript (Level I + II) I Diploma in Flash Action Script (Level I + II) I Search Engine Optimization ( Intrenet Global Marketing)
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Adobe Flash Actionscript & C & C++(Basic)

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Alexander Georganas., Course-"Web Designing", Country-"UK"
Jawid Ashraf., Course-"Dreamweaver, Film Editing, Flash, HTML", Country-"Afghanistan"
Rasvi Kader., Course-"3D max, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, CorelDraw", Country-"India"
Rina Shah., Course-"Web Designing", Country-"India"
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Our Students Web Designing Projects
Web Publishing Students Project
Web Publishing Students Project At Compufield
The importance of "Variable" in the design of home pages to get maximum
Compufiled Web Publishing Students Project
Compufield Student Project of Web Publishing
Student Project for Compufield Web Publishing
There are 600 millions documents on every possible subject and more than 1.5 million documents are uploaded everyday. The importance of "Variables"maximum marketing power.
Making a Professional Website using the above software, Multimedia and Sound.
Additional Global Marketing tricks available on Web. Marketing, selling and publishing product literature world wide.


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Prerequisite for learning Action Script is knowledge of the following in
C programming language -
  • Functions
  • Conditions
  • Arrays
  • Loops
Interactive Flash

  • Giving your movies instructions
  • Working with the Actions panel
  • Direct typing
  • Who are you talking to?
  • Controlling movie clips on the stage
  • Arguments
  • Listening to what your movies are telling you
  • Events in Flash
  • External events
  • Internal events
Movies That Remember
  • Introducing variables
  • Creating variables and using them with literals and expressions
  • Naming variables
  • Creating variables
  • Using literal values
  • Using expressions
  • Input and output
  • Using string expressions
  • Working with numbers
  • Other uses for numeric expressions
  • Working with Boolean values
  • Logic operators
  • Arrays
  • Reasons for using arrays
  • Arrays let you store related information together
  • Arrays let you hold information in a specific order
  • Arrays let you index information
  • Arrays let you link information
  • Creating a new array

Movies That Decide for Themselves

  • Making decisions in ActionScript: The if action
  • Defining a decision
  • Alternative actions
  • Acting on alternatives: The else action
  • More than one alternative: The else if action
  • Handling lots of alternatives: The switch action
More Power, Less Script
  • Timeline loops
  • ActionScript loops
  • while loops
  • Useful things to do with while loops
  • for loops
  • init
  • condition
  • next
  • Some useful examples of for loops
  • Simple loop
  • Reverse loop
  • Two at a time
  • Looping through elements in an array
  • Applying an operation to all the elements in an array
  • Searching an array for a specific value
  • Cross-indexing a pair of arrays

Movies That Remember How to Do Things            

  • Breaking down a task
  • Bundling actions and running them afterward
  • Using anonymous and named functions
  • Using functions to hide evil math
  • Using functions to take care of repetitive jobs
  • Choosing which actions to bundle and where
  • Arguments and redundancy
  • Local variables and modular code
  • Returning values from a function
  • Typing functions
  • Running in circles
  • Nesting functions
  • Using nested functions
Objects and Classes
  • Introducing objects and classes
  • Type and object-oriented programming
  • Classes, generalization, and abstraction
  • Seeing arrays in a new light
  • The Array constructor method
  • Other Array methods
  • Array properties
  • Creating classes and objects (instances) in Flash
  • Instances
  • The Object object
  • Viewing an object in Flash
  • Constructors
  • Objects, objects, everywhere
  • Lurking objects
Objects on the Stage
  • Movie clips and buttons as objects
  • Symbol types and behaviors
  • Two sides of the same object
  • Working with Library items
  • Let chaos reign
  • Bitmap caching
  • The other side of bitmap caching
  • Bitmap caching and RAM
  • Changing the appearance of a cached movie clip
  • When to use bitmap caching
  • Referencing different timelines with ActionScript
  • Different place, different variable
  • Locating variables from inside an event handler function
  • Reusing handler functions
  • The apply method

Reusable Code and Realistic Movement

  • Breaking down big tasks into smaller ones
  • Black-box programming
  • Creating simple components
  • Creating a modular set of playback controls
  • Dark Valentine
  • Modular control of movie clips
  • How to simulate realistic movement
  • Motion with acceleration
  • Trailing the pointer (a mouse follower)
  • Understanding the inertial code
  • Fine-tuning the component
  • Function-based modular code
  • Swarming behavior
  • Taking the swarming effect forward
  • Creating tweens with ActionScript
  • Using import to access the Tween class
  • How to use the Tween constructor function
Games and Sprites
  • What is a sprite?
  • Control
  • External and internal data
  • Movement
  • Collision
  • Planning zapper
  • The game world (the main timeline)
  • score
  • level, skill, and accel
  • speed
  • shipDead, fired, and gSHIP_HEIGHT
  • The timeline
  • The code
  • Global constants
  • The “start game” trigger
  • The player (the ship)
  • The SwarmAlien
  • alienSpawn()
  • onEnterFrame
  • alienBrain()
  • alienReincarnate()
  • The SwarmAlien code
  • The bullet

Adding Sound to Flash      

  • Choosing the right sound format
  • Using sound on a timeline
  • Using the ActionScript Sound class
  • Playing sounds from ActionScript
  • Attaching sounds to a sound instance
  • Starting and stopping sounds
  • Creating dynamic soundtracks
  • Using ActionScript to control volume and balance
  • Dealing with large sound files
  • Using compression to reduce download times
  • Loading sound from external files

Working with Multimedia

Responding to Events

Flash Action Script Excercise

Minimum Pre-requisite to learn PHP

Basics of 'C' Programming Language.
OOPS & C++ (Class, object, Inheritance)
Any database (Access/SQL/Oracle)

  1.1 Datatypes.
  1.2 Operator.
  1.3 Condition construct.
  1.4 Looping construct.
  1.5 Functions.
  1.6 Array.

  2.1 Class.
  2.2 Object.
  2.3 Inheritance.
  2.4 Functions.
  2.5 Properties.

For Topic Covered

Flash Actionscript & C & C++(Basic)

Duration Fees (Indian RS.) Fees (US $) 
75 Sessions of 1 hr. each 10,500 300


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Lodging, boarding and travelling not included in the fees.
The above mentioned fees is for one course.
COMPUFIELD offers a unique style of learning -

One computer : One student : One Instructor
Maximum Instructor to Student Ratio 1:4
Sessions : Each session will be of 1 hour.
The timing can be fixed based on our mutual convenience,between 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Overseas Students take 5 to 10 hours per day to complete their courses.
Course duration in days = total sessions divide by number of sessions per day.
The Above Mentioned Tuition Fees Includes Service Tax
No extra charges/refund for more/less time taken to complete the course.


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