• Create and Preview powerful frame-based impactful GIF Animations.
  • Create live effects like Drop shadows, Bevels, Glows, and Embosses that are fully editable and update automatically.
  • Vector tool flexibility with an organic Bitmap look.
  • The precise Text control of an Illustration tool in an image-editing application.
  • Directly view the graphic after each adjustment of export settings without switching to your Web browser.
  • Simplify file format, palette settings, dithering, and more to optimize your Web graphics.
  • Save your Optimization and Export settings and use them to batch process an entire folder of images.
  • Create editable, color-coded hotspots on an overlay above the image.
  • Automatically generate code for interactive buttons and other graphics.
  • Slice images on export. Automatically generate HTML table code to reassemble images and add links.


  • Web Site Designing.
  • Screen Graphics.