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Designers are people with a desire to create. They combine practical knowledge with artistic ability to turn abstract ideas into formal designs for the merchandise we buy, the clothes we wear, the Web sites we use, the publications we read, and the living and office space we inhabit. Designers usually specialize in a particular area of design, such as automobiles, industrial or medical equipment, home appliances, clothing and textiles, floral arrangements, publications, Web sites, logos, signage, movie or TV credits, interiors of homes or office buildings, merchandise displays, or movie, television, and theater sets.

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Fashion Designing :-Overview

Fashion designers design clothes and accessories for manufacture and sale to the public.

Some high fashion designers are self-employed and design clothes for private clients. Others work for high fashion houses or specialty stores. These designers create original designs but also follow trends. Most designers work for apparel manufacturers. They adapt fashion designs for the mass market.

Fashion designers review fashion magazines and attend shows to keep up on fashion trends. They consult with clients or supervisors to find out what types of designs are needed. They combine this information with their own personal taste and knowledge of design to create ideas.

Red is fiery, youthful and energetic. Black is mysterious and stark; off-white is elegant and graceful; white is universal and serene; green is soothing; blue is balanced, maybe a little passive; yellow is happy; silver is new age, cool and just a little frosty; gold is warm, rich and glittery.

Lend personality to colours, do you? Wonder why Lara Dutta was wearing a red gown when she won the Miss Universe title? You think simple lines and classy cuts are master strokes? If you can read colours, feel textures, notice blends and believe that you can create the look, look no further. Prove your genius in the field of fashion design.

Fashion Designing :- Business Opportunity

If you want to be your own boss and set up a business at home, fashion designing is a good business opportunity. New designers first look to sell their work at stores selling clothes or lifestyle stores. And this really helps to start your business. These stores are forever looking for new designs and fresh stock. Once you have created enough stock visit these stores, and plan a meeting with the merchandiser.There may be a thousand of designers but ...





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