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Dual Diploma In Multimedia & Web Technology

COMPUFIELD,Specialized in Web Technology and Multimedia, offer their students a choice of a complete advanced diploma or a combination of courses.

Concerned Softwares :

Dual Diploma in Multimedia & Web Technology using :
  • Internet Technology (Shell + TCP/IP).
  • Web Publishing Using Microsoft Frontpage & Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • Digital Graphics Using Coreldraw & Adobe Photoshop with Kai Power Tools and Alien Skin.
  • 3D Studio Max and Virtual Reality with Sound.
  • Adobe Flash for Web Multimedia.
  • Adobe Director for CD Authoring.
  • Adobe Premiere for Non Linear Video Editing.
  • Sound Forge for Streaming Audio & Video.
  • WebGenie Smart Shopping Cart for E-Commerce solutions.
  • Internet Global Marketing.
  • Career Options
  • Students' projects are uploaded to COMPUFIELD'S server in USA.


Web Publishing using Microsoft Front Page and Adobe Dreamweaver

Microsoft FrontPage
  • Microsoft FrontPage is a web creation and management tool that you can use to design and build a great-looking,easy to navigate web site.
  • FrontPage  consists of  FrontPage Explorer and the FrontPage Editor, which you can use to create, edit and manage your website. 
  • FrontPage includes many features that make Web-site creation easy for any user, including a gallery of professionally designed graphical themes, wizards, templates and active page elements for creating pages and web sites without programming. 
  • You use the FrontPage Explorer to publish your web site on your computer, your organisation’s intranet, or the World Wide Web. 
  • FrontPage Editor displays all the matter you add  as they would appear in a Web browser.
Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • Dreamweaver is a professional authoring tool for creating and maintaining web-pages.
  • Dreamweaver introduces Adobe's Roundtrip HTML technology, that imports HTML documents without reformatting the code.
  • Dreamweaver also makes it possible to use the latest Dynamic HTML features like animated layers, Behaviours and style sheets.
  • All the code generated by Dreamweaver, works on as many platforms and browsers as possible.
Salient Features
  1. Powerful media for creating web-pages, without having knowledge of HTML or JavaScript.
  2. Dreamweaver's timeline feature saves trouble of writing JavaScript code to create DHTML animations.
  3. Behaviours in Dreamweaver make special impact on appearance of the web-page.
  4. Timelines in Dreamweaver create animations by changing position, size, visibility and stacking order of layers.
  5. Dreamweaver supports shockwave movies, which are Adobe standard for interactive multimedia on the web.
It includes following Topics :
  1. Formatting of text and creating styles.
  2. Creating layer and timeline animations
  3. Creating frames, tables, and forms.
  4. Hoe to attach Behaviours .
  5. Using Behaviours in Timelines
CorelDraw (Digital Graphics)

Salient Features 

Corel Draw is a world class graphic software, allowing the user to produce world class illustrations with 16.7 million colours. A vector-based drawing program with extensive text handling and  precision - drawing features that make it the ideal tool for virtually any design project from logos and product packaging to technical  illustrations, advertisements, publishing and internet publishing. 


Even Business Houses, Advertising Agencies, Printing Industries, Hotels, Travel Agencies, Publishing Houses, Architects, Interior Decorators, Insurance, Large Companies with in-house publishing and host of others have begun adopting this hi-speed, hi-tech system for their own publications like printed price lists, order forms,memos, posters, reports, internal newsletters, business cards, technical documentation, training manuals, catalogs and advertisements. The advent of DTP has proved to be a boon to advertising agencies.

Adobe Photoshop
(Image Processing/ Digital Graphics/ Electronic Art)

Salient Features

Adobe PhotoShop is an Image Processing software package that enables you tocreate & edit images on IBM personal computers.Adobe PhotoShop is acknowledged in professional fields as the cutting-edge program, the final word in image editing. It has been used to edit and create images as diverse as cosmetic ads, new photos, motion picture footage, animation cells & fine art work.

  • Creates original art & converts it to desired platforms.
  • Retouch, manipulate & enhance photographs.
  • Master the special effects you've always wanted.
  • Learn the secrets of output & storage of your images.
  • Web page designing.
Adobe Flash 

Flash is a vector graphics editor and an animation and authoring tool ideal for creating animations and interactivity for web pages.
Flash is a compact interactive vector-based Web graphics and animation, even over slow modem and server connections.

Salient Features  
  • Movie created in Flash has a very less file size
  • Multiple actions can be attached,such as can create a new HTML file or add a Shockwave Flash movie to an existing HTML file. AfterShok will also create a script  to detect START or STOP  the  movie, GO TO A URL, LOAD a new movie or perform any number of other functions.
  • Another unique feature of Flash 4 is Bandwidth Profiler. . This feature takes care of the usual drawback of multimedia file size, and bring the user to reality.
  • For more information on Adobe Flash  click here.
Sound Forge (Real Stream Audio & Video)

Sound Forge is a world class programme used for Sound Editing, Compression, Special Effects and to superimpose sound on video presentation and animation.

3D Studio Max with VRML

Salient Features

  • Can be used to create animated logos for web sites.
  • VRML plug-in available to design websites with 3D views.
  • A New Paradigm for Design Visualization.
  • 3D Studio Max is much more than just a form creation tool.
  • 3D Studio Max lets you place photographs and film as a presentation's backdrop and integrate sound with the presentation.
  • 3D Studio Max software gives you the freedom to experiment and race ahead with your ideas and Imaginations. 
  • Photographic & Natural Backgrounds made by yourself to create extraordinary Environment.
  • The Special effects & extra Lighting effects to make Environment much Vibrant.
  • Integrated Keyframe Animation.
  • Subtle Visual Effects - Visual effects are available like fog, atmospheric effects, volumetric lighting and the effect of fire to make, your Project much Powerful and Natural. 
  • Powerful Materials Editor - Simple materials with full control of color, textures shininess, strength of shininess, self-illumination and opacity are built-in.
  • Rich Lighting Tools - Quick, precise control of lighting effects.
  • Non-Destructive Boolean and Lofts Merging outer Scenes or Film Clips with the Project made in 3D Studio Max.
  • Completely Redesigned Documentation and Tutorials.
  • Auto Back Light - Automatically position the sun for any day of the year, any time of day, any position on the earth, or any angle true north relative to your model
  • Web home pages
  • Animated logos for beautiful  websites
  • Advertising
  • Cartoon films
  • Training programs
  • Corporate presentations
  • Morphing
  • Titling
  • Special effects in films
  • Character animation
  • Sound addition
Adobe Director

Salient Features
  • Streaming Shockwave
  • Ability to create  CDs  (Hybrid Internet + CD/DVD applications)
  • Live Internet Authoring
  • Extreme Support of all popular media types
  • Unlimited cast members.
  • Support for PhotoShop and Premiere image filters to modify bitmapped
  • Shockwave audio support
  • Auto-tweening
  • Powerful Lingo scripting
  • Drag and Drop Authoring
Topics covered
  • Using the Built in paint editor.
  • Using the Built in text editor.
  • Creating animation using the animation wizard.
  • Learning the Lingo Scripting and giving interactivity in animations.
  • Making Low level games.
  • Giving hyperlink to objects and text.
  • Building professional multimedia presentations.
  • multimedia applications.
  • Creating Shocked CDs.
  • Cross-Platform authoring.
Adobe Premiere (Non Linear Digital Video Editing And Movie Making)

Salient Features
  • Digitizes video & sound, hence eliminates transfer losses.
  • Edits video & multimedia movies in AVI, MPEG etc,.
  • Creates titles and graphics.
  • Superimposes titles and graphics, animation on video and film.
  • Adds transition and special effects.
  • Uses digital filtering for special effects in video & audio tracks.
  • Modifies movies with other applications.
  • Exports projects to video tapes.
  • Multimedia presentations of any subject.
  • Film editing with special effects and movie making.
WebGenie Smart Shopping Cart (For E-Commerce Solutions) 

WebGenie Shopping Cart (WSC) is a shopping cart tool that lets you create and use multiple catalogs for selling products and services through the Web.The program assumes no prior knowledge of HTML and Perl languages, and will create fully functional catalogs in response to a few mouse clicks.

Internet Advertising and Global Marketing

There are 600 millions documents on every possible subject and more than 1.5 million documents are uploaded everyday. 
The importance of "Variables" in the design of home pages to get maximum hits and hence achieves maximum marketing power. 

We, at Compufield, teach you :

  • How to make your Web page attractive and powerful, so that you can attract business  globally on the Internet
  • The importance of "Variable" in the design of home pages to get maximum hits and hence achieve maximum Marketing power. 
  • How to use the different search engines available, and explain the working and retrieval   functions of these search engines. 
  • How to register your Web pages (URL'S) with various search engines like Yahoo,      Altavista, Infoseek, Webcrawler, Hotbot, Excite, America Online, 123 India, khoj etc. (200 Search Engines possible). 
  • How to register your Web Site to various BBS, Usenet groups, Enzines, Exchange     banner scheme. 
  • Additional Global Marketing tricks available on Web.
  • Mass E-Mailing
Project related to Web Page

Making a Professtional Website using the above softwares, Multmedia and Sound.

Project related to Film Industry and CD Authoring

Making a Project using most of the above softwares after which you can work in any part of the world.

  • Web Managers
  • Site Managers
  • Web Page Designers
  • Content Developers
  • Interface Designers
  • Creative Support Professionals
  • Studio Managers
  • Modelling Consultants
  • Media Specialists
  • Art Consultants
  • Multimedia Authors
  • Script Writers
  • Creative Publishing Professionals
  • Cartoonists
  • Cartographers
  • Editing Professionals
  • Visual Effect Designers
  • Software Designers
  • Audio & Video Specialist
  • Animator




Dual Diploma in Multimedia & Web Technology 

410 hrs 

Rs. 50,000/-
U.S $ 1190 /-

** Lodging, boarding and travelling not included in the fees.

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