• Creating a recordset for a sites product page, using a structured query language statement.
  • Using SQL (Structured Query Language) to refine the recordset's precision by adding cross reference between the database tables.
  • Linking placeholders images to specific database fields, allowing images to be dynamically served to a Web Page.
  • Add a navigation bar that dynamically changes based on which product is being displayed.
  • Creating delete, update, insert pages.
  • Creating SQL searches with SQL variables.
  • Ultradev supports major server models like ASP, JSP, CFML, PHP.
  • Supports custom made Extensions to improve the way data is handles.
  • Creating cookies, using the response.redirect variables, reading from a cookie.
  • Shopping Cart
    1. Creating a shopping cart
    2. Altering the quantity of items in the cart
    3. Clearing the contents of the cart
    4. Redirecting the user if their cart is empty
    5. Adding and removing items from the cart
    6. Creating a pop-up reminder picture
    7. Adding a way of calculating sales tax , freight charges, insurance, discount etc
    8. Writing the cart to the database Application
  • Creating E-commerce solution using Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Server Pages(JSP), ColdFusion(CF), without knowing a single line of programming.