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Diploma In Internet Application & E-Commerce

Java Development Kit (J.D.K.)

Java is platform independent, reliable programming language introduced by sun's systems, used mainly to develop internet applications and applet's.
Java is used to create web-based applications and allows user interaction on the internet.
Java allows us to have animation, audio and video clippings in our web page. Java programming helps in writing programs using which one can connect to any computer on the internet.

Java Script

Java Script is a script-based programming language that supports the development of both client and server components on client side. It is used to write programs that are executed by a Web browser within the context of web page on server side, it can be used to write web server program to process the data.


FoxPro is a Database Management System (DBMS) first of its kind to be put under windows. Learning it, will help you in storing, managing, manipulating large numbers of records in very few commands and time.
FoxPro is used in fields like for e.g. Business, Medical, Defense and many more, since all these fields have large amount of data information to be stored.
FoxPro also allows you to develop commercial application like Financial, Accounting and Inventory packages.

Oracle 8.0

Oracle is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).
Oracle 8.0 Oracle is latest technology, today's systems designers and developers can build 21st century enabled application ranging from critical on-line transaction processing systems supporting thousand of user's to multi-terabyte data warehouses for decision support and also World Wide Web-based applications.

Developer 2000

The need of today's software development is demanding a Graphical user Interface (G.U.I) based front-end tool which can connect to RDBMS.
Oracle Developer 2000(D2K) is a GUI based front-end tool used in commercial application development, and to manipulate data in any RDBMS back end.

Course Duration Fees (Indian Rs.) Fees (US $)
240 sessions of 1hr each 18,300 430
** Lodging, boarding and travelling not included in the fees.

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