Oracle 9i Database Administrator
Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator

PAPER I - IZ0-007 : SQL
Oracle9i is a Relational Database Management System(RDBMS) with Object Relational Database Management(ORDBMS) futures. Oracle9i is the latest technology, which has many new features over previous versions like 8i and 8. Oracle9i comes with new SQL enhancements.

Compufield's  Oracle 9i Database Administrator Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator in Mumbai is conducted at our centers in Andheri, Bandra & Kemps Corner ( H.O). Contact our centers now for a free trial session.

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Oracle 9i Database Administrator Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator Syllabus

Salient Features
~Oracle has sophisticated security mechanisms control access to sensitive data by an assortment of privileges
~Oracle provides sophisticated backup & recovery routines. Backup creates a second copy of Oracle Data, recovery restores a copy of data from back up.
~Oracle provides flexible space management. It has special abilities that are capable of handling very large databases.
~Oracle provides open connectivity to & from other vendors software
Oracle server supports a wide range of Development tools, end user query tools, off the shelf applications & office wide information tools.

~Education Industry Software Development Industry Data warehouse and maintenance Domestic Air Services Production Industry
~Banking Industry

~Oracle architectural components.
~Getting started with oracle server.
~Managing Oracle instance.
~Creating a database.
~Using data dictionary and dynamic performance views.
~Maintaining Control File.
~Maintaining Redo Log Files
~Managing tablespaces & datafiles.
~Storage structure and relationship.
~Managing Undo Data.
~Managing Indexes and tables.
~Managing password security and resources.
~Managing users .
~Managing privileges.
~Managing Roles.
~Loading data into database.
~sing globalization support.

~Networking Overview.
~Oracle Net Architecture
~basic Oracle Net Server Side Configuration.
~Naming Method Configuration
~Usage and Configuration of Oracle Shared Server
~Backup and Recovery Overview.
~Instance and Media Recovery Structures
~Configuring the Database Archiving Mode.
~Oracle Recovery Manager Overview and Configuration
~User Managed Backups
~RMAN Backups
~User-Managed Complete Recovery
~User-Managed Incomplete Recovery
~RMAN Incomplete Recovery
~RMAN Maintenance
~Recovery Catalog Creation and Maintenance
~Transporting Data Between Databases

~Overview of Oracle 9i Performance Tuning.
~Diagnostic and Tuning Tools
~Sizing the Shared Pool
~Sizing the Buffer Cache
~Sizing Other SGA Structures
~Database Configuration and I/O Issues
~Optimizing Sort Operations
~Diagnosing Contention for Latches
~Monitoring and Detecting Lock Contention
~Tuning the Oracle Shared Server
~SQL Statement Tuning
~Using Oracle Blocks Efficiently
~Application Tuning
~Tuning the Operating System and Using Resource Manager

Course Fee

Oracle 9i Database Administrator Course Fees
Rs.25,000/-($715)120 sessions of 1 hr. each
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