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    Diploma In Office  Automation
Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Word for Windows is a full-features word processor designed  to help you work more efficiently.
  • Microsoft Word show you to create effective documents using its features.
  • You will learn how to edit, format, print documents, insert and manage tables and graphic into documents and to check your documents for spelling and grammatical errors.
Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel for windows is a powerful spreadsheet application that 
can be used for managing, analyzing and presenting data in a graphical manner

Excel has three component that perform in three different manner: 

  • The Spreadsheet component. It displays, analyses text and numbers in rows and columns. 
  • The Database component. It manipulates lists of information. 
  • The Chart component. It produce charts which help to present data in graphical manner. 

Windows is an extension of the DOS operating system. Windows allows 
you to integrate the different tasks you perform on your personal 
computer, increasing your efficiency. 

With Windows, you can work with several programs at once. You can switch between programs with a couple of keystrokes or click of a mouse, reducing the time required to move from one application to another. 


FoxPro is called a relational database management system. it is an easy, versatile way for you to manage information with your microcomputer. FoxPro use powerful, yet simple, English-like commands that you'll recognize immediately. 

With a single command, you can add, insert or delete information in your files. You can select all or part of a file and display it on the screen or 
print it as a report. You can find information in seconds, irrespective of 
your file size. 


PowerPoint is the most famous and powerful presentation program. Impressive colourful slide shows can be design from matter of MSWord, Excel, and FoxPro. 

Tally (Financial Accounting) 

It is the most famous and easy to use financial program designed to suit Indian industry. Advantage of financial accounting on computer:

  • Saves time.
  • Accuracy.
  • Various accounting books are created within seconds i.e. cash book, ledger book, purchase book, sales purchase.
  • Financial statements within minutes i.e. Trading A/C, Profit and loss A/C, Balancesheet. 
COMPUFIELD offers a unique style of learning - 
  • One computer : One student : One instructor.
  • Maximum  Instructor to Student Ratio 1:4.
  • Sessions : Each session will be of 1 hour. 
  • The timing can be fixed based on our mutual convenience,between 8.00a.m. to 8.00p.m. 
  • Overseas students take 5 to 10 hours per day to complete their courses.

    • Course Duration Fees (Indian Rs.) Fees (US $)
      60 sessions of 1hr each 7500 180

    ** Lodging, boarding and travelling not included in the fees.


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