Diploma In Adobe Softwares (Creative)

Animation is an ever growing industry providing job opppertunities and careers to a large number of people. Compufield offers a platform to enter this lucritive industry , all you need is immaginative powers and a vision.There are no pre-requisites to take up this Certificate Course in Animation , all you need is a little creativity , passion and dedication towards your ultimate goal of excelling as an animator.The animation industry is growing at a rapid pace due to the growth of the gaming industry and the entertainment sector. Animation has gained momentum due to the use of special effects , creative characterization and extensive implementation of visualization.
Our Certificate Course in Animation at Compufield offers a comprehensive syllabus and regular assignments, thus nurturing budding animators entering the animation industry. The Certificate Course in Animation ( 2D & 3D Animation ) can be take up by students after completion of Std 10th as well as individuals looking for a change in career.The Certificate Course in Animation begins right from the basics, gradually moving towards more complex options and tools with exercises at every level.
Compufield's Certificate Course in Animation in Mumbai is conducted at our centers in Andheri, Bandra & Kemps Corner ( H.O). Contact our centers now for a free trial session.
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Diploma In Adobe Softwares (Creative) Syllabus


Adobe Photoshop is an Image Processing software package that enables you to create & edit images . If you are working on web pages , presentations or on any document photoshop is the software to be used to enhance your images and retouching essentials. Photoshop has a host of tools for layering , filtering, compositing, masking and modifying images.

Adobe Photoshop CC Course Duration-30 sessions


A powerful tool for professional digital Video Editing Designed for video professionals, Adobe Premiere Pro software spans the world of broadcast and online media. Thanks to its elegant interface and superb editing tools, you can work with complete efficiency, control, and flexibility to produce broadcast-quality movies for video, film, multimedia, and the Web.

Salient Features

Digital video & sound, hence eliminates transfer losses.
Edits video & multimedia movies in standard formats like AVI, MOV, RAM, MPEG etc.
Creates Movie titles and graphics.
Super imposes titles and graphics, animation on video and film.
Adds transition and special effects.
Uses digital filtering for special effects in video & audio tracks
Exports projects to video tapes.


Multimedia presentations on any subject.
Film editing with special effects and movie making.
Movies and Video Clips for Online presentations and distribution.

Adobe Premiere Pro Duration - 30 sessions

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is a vector graphics creation software for print media and web, allowing the user to produce World Class Illustrations with 16.7 million colors.

Salient Features

Creative tools for Print Media Output.
Sophisticated Web Graphic Tools.
Special Effects to Images.
Versatile Transparency Capabilities
Dynamic Media Projects

Complex and High Quality Output.
High Quality Illustrations.
Creating Banners, Posters, Handbills etc

Adobe Illustrator CC Course Duration - 30 sessions
Adobe Illustrator CC Course Syllabus - Click here

Adobe InDesign

Design compelling page layouts that include transparency, creative effects, and gradient feathers. Since effects are live and nondestructive, you can experiment with ease. Apply effects independently to an object's stroke, fill, or content.

Salient Features

Extensive integration
Work smoothly with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, InCopy, and Dreamweaver software;enjoy consistency by using shared presets and color settings; work more efficiently with native file ;format ;support; and easily publish to multiple media.

Creative effects and controls
Design compelling page layouts that include transparency, creative effects, and gradient feathers. Since ;effects are live and nondestructive, you can experiment with ease. Apply effects independently to an ;object's stroke, fill, or content.

Reliable prepress and printing
Have confidence in your output. Get accurate, consistent results every time you print using sophisticated preview capabilities, exporting reliable Adobe PDF files, and sharing custom presets.

Creative effects and controls
Reliable prepress and printing
Productivity enhancement
Professional typographical controls
Robust long-document support
Adobe InDesign CC Course Duration - 30 sessions


Adobe After Effects software delivers a comprehensive set of tools to efficiently produce motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, multimedia, and the Web

After Effects.
New in After Effects 6.0.
Animation and Motion Graphics.
Formats that After Effects Produce.
After Effects Differ from Photoshop.
After Effects Different from Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere.
After Effects Different from Adobe Flash.
To Get Video Content into AE.
Tools Need Besides After Effects.
More About Animation, Video, and Compositing.

Salient Features

After Effects offers unparalleled integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator to produce professional results.
Control the compositing environment while working in a 2D or 3D with this tool


Create motion graphics.
Unbelievable visual effect for films film, video, multimedia.
ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS CC Course Duration - 30 sessions


Adobe Flash CC multimedia software application that is used to create vector graphics, animations, games and rich internet applications which can be viewed , executed on the Adobe Flash player.Adobe Flash CC is the primary tool for 2D animation Movies of low file size are created in Adobe Flash CC.

Adobe Flash CC Course Details

Adobe Flash CC Course Duration - 30 sessions

Course Fee

Video Editing Pro Fees
Rs. 53,200/-230 sessions of 1 hr. each

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