Pioneer of art of jewllery making
         Kolkata was the capital city during the British Regime.during that period ,along with various foreign item And technology many foreign jewelers also enterned into the Indian jewellery market.Many Bengali Goldsmiths were employed under the foregn jewellery houses and manufacturers.They soon gained experies of the new foreign techniques and style of designs.This gave rise to a new class of successful and expert local Bengali Jewelsmiths and tricks of the trade were transferred to their next generation after generation thereafter.Gradually they migrated uot of Kolkata in search of greener postuers.They scattered all over the India and also to the economic heartthrob of the India and city of dreams,Mumbai.

            These experet jewelsmits concentrated in the Zeveri bazaar region.Here Bengali Jewelsmiths and jewellery designers have been working and doing business for over 100 years. Even in this age of machine made jewellery,the demand for hand made jewellery is evergrowing and is on the rise in India and foreige market,this is due to their upgradability and creating new trend and designs in various styles everyday.

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